Departmental Bulletin Paper 川と人の共生まちづくりに関する考察 ――広島コンパクトシティとその適正規模――
A Study of Urban Design for Symbiotic relationship with rivers ——The appropriate scale of Compact city HIROSHIMA——

今川,朱美  ,  山下,龍太郎

50pp.9 - 14 , 2016-02 , 広島工業大学
It is important embark on reforms that delve into our way of life and social systems, including creating lifestyles harmonious with nature such as forests, efficient transport systems including public transportation, and compact urban development.
The purpose of this study is to uncover the boder line an urbanization promotion area and Satoyama (natural) areas. Hiroshima was keeped the appropriate scale of area for Compact city till 1930’s. It start development for housing area at Satooyama areas. Also Hiroshima had transportation on the water using a rivers around 1870’s. Those areas on map of Hiroshima, it is matching it to “the Make a City of Waterways” which Hiroshima Planed in 1990.
It is suggested the appropriate scale of Compact city HIROSHIMA.

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