Departmental Bulletin Paper 楔デバイス付柱継手を適用した架構の耐震性能
Earthquake resistant performance of steel frame with column connection by wedge-device

高松,隆夫  ,  玉井,宏章  ,  景山,朋定  ,  岩瀬,貴信

50pp.33 - 40 , 2016-02 , 広島工業大学
A huge earthquake produces residual deformation of steel structures, and large residual deformations make structures unusable. This paper proposes column connections using a wedge device to reduce residual deformations, and loading tests and numerical analyses of these connections are carried out to determine their performance. Experimental results show linear-from-origin-type restoring force characteristics of the connections, and analytical results show no residual deformation and reduction of deformation and acceleration of upper stories than collapse one. These results clarify the earthquake resistant performance of frames with these connections.

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