Departmental Bulletin Paper Fundamental Review on the Formulation of Large Lattice Spatial Neighbor Matrices
Fundamental Review on the Formulation of Large Lattics Spatial Neighbor Matrices

Fitrianto,Gigih  ,  田中,章司郎

40 ( 3 )  , pp.41 - 88 , 2017-12-31 , 広島経済大学経済学会
To calculate the impact of each location within an observation area we need to calculate the dependences of that location. In order to specify the model to explain this condition, we must define the neighbor relation for each location. This important information is described by a spatial neighbor matrix (Cressie, 1991: Ch. 6). By using Spatial Matrix Dr×c, which is extracted from polygon structure of spatial lattice DM, we can construct Neighbor Relation Matrix, W. There should be several methods to construct W matrix, such as: 1) Direct Arrow Reading (DAR); 2) Inner-Outer Neighbor Matrix (ION); and 3) Kronecker Product.
In this research, we verified the algorithm performances based on their time and space efficiency. All of them were calculated based on the complexity and real execution. We found that Kronecker product method became the best method to construct W matrix. That method can be used efficiently both in terms of computational time and space.

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