Departmental Bulletin Paper Geheimmissionen der japanischen und deutschen U-Boote im Zweiten Weltkrieg—Begleitend zur Exkursion über die geheimen U-Bootmissionen und die Ruinen der kaiserlichen Marine in der Militärhafenstadt Kure in der Präfektur Hiroshima—第二次世界大戦における遣独潜水艦作戦─遣独潜水艦作戦と呉市の海軍遺構を実地見学するための手引き─
Secret Missions by the Japanese and German Submarines during the W.W.II —A Guidebook to the Fieldwork about the Secret Missions and at the Military Ruins around the Port of the City of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture—


40 ( 2 )  , pp.97 - 114 , 2017-09-30 , 広島経済大学経済学会
This article is the teaching material for students who participate in a fieldwork about the secret missions by the submarines to and from Germany and the military ruins around the military port of the city of Kure, or a guidebook for foreign tourists, especially for those who come from German-speaking countries. It can be used firstly as a teaching material of students studying the modern history of Kure and learning the German as a second language at universities in Hiroshima and Kure, secondly as a guidebook or pamphlet for those who guide foreign tourists, especially from German-speaking countries, about the secret missions by the submarines for the transportation and the technology transfer between Japan and Germany during the W.W.II and the ruin of the military facilities of the former Imperial Japanese Navy which were located around the military port of Kure during the W.W.II. Ultimately it aims to provide the foreign travelers with a “language barrier free situation” by using their mother tongue. The shortage of publications such as pamphlets or guidebooks that describe the secret missions and the ruin of the military facilities of the port of Kure in foreign languages particularly in German has motivated the author to prepare this article. Currently there are a few explanations for them in German and other European languages like English and French in that city, too. Considering the growing number of European tourists, especially Germans, who came to Hiroshima in recent years, I think it is worth preparing the guidebook in German. This article will provide students, foreign travelers and devotees of history with an opportunity to learn about the secret missions between Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany and the history of the military port of Kure. In the near future, translations of the article into English and French are forthcoming.

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