Departmental Bulletin Paper Grassroots Japanese Sales Management : Implications for Salesperson-driven Strategy Formation

Tsuye,Kenneth Ichiro

37 ( 4 )  , pp.103 - 108 , 2015-3-31 , 広島経済大学経済学会
Japanese sales sections are usually called Eigyo-bu (Eigyo department). Eigyo literally means sales. But, Eigyo does not mean sales only, rather Eigyo refers to conducting business. Because of this, Eigyo personnel play a bigger role than regularly titled sales personnel. We will introduce the concept of Eigyo and what roles and implications of a typical Eigyo department plays within a firm. Eigyo departments sometimes incorporate functions implemented by the other departments within their company. We will conclude that marketing functions can be integrated not only by a marketing manager but also by people in other positions, such as sales managers. Managerially speaking, this may deem more efficient and effective in turbulent, unpredictable marketplaces.

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