Journal Article 日本語における漢語の意味変化について : 「結構」の続貂
ニホンゴ ニ オケル カンゴ ノ イミ ヘンカ ニツイテ : 「ケッコウ」 ノ ゾクチョウ
Changing Meanings of Chinese Origin Words : Continuing Explorations of the Word "Kekkō"


23pp.75 - 91 , 2017-11-30 , 広島市立大学国際学部 (Hiroshima City University, Faculty of International Studies)
Contrary to the fact that the word “Kekkō” is used in Japanese texts written in characters with the same meaning as in Chinese, in earlier records it not only retained the original meaning, but also gave birth to a new one, that of “a structure or setup” which is absent in Chinese texts. Furthermore, depending on the historical period there were differences in its usage and meaning.

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