Journal Article 日本語における漢語の意味変化について : 「馳走」の続貂
Changing Meanings of Chinese Origin Words : Continuing Explorations of the Word "Chiso"


22pp.89 - 104 , 2016-11-30 , 広島市立大学国際学部 (Hiroshima City University, Faculty of International Studies)
Until the Heian period the word "chiso" retained the original Chinese meaning of "hasehashiru" (to run fast, be busy, exert oneself). However, during the Kamakura period its meaning evolved. On the one hand, it continued to be used in the same way as in the Chinese language, but, on the other hand, a new usage of the word, which cannot be found in the Chinese language, emerged. In the Muromachi period, new meanings such as "gochiso" (big meal, feast) and "wine and dine someone lavishly" appeared. Moreover, in the beginning of the early modern period a new usage, to indicate "delicious food," emerged. Thus, in comparison with the original Chinese word the meaning clearly changed and became more refined.

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