Journal Article 三分岐型から二分岐型への中等学校制度再編に伴うドイツ教育評価制度の変容
Transforming the System of Student Evaluation in German in Reconstruction of Secondary Schools from a Three- to a Two-branched System


22pp.131 - 141 , 2016-11-30 , 広島市立大学国際学部 (Hiroshima City University, Faculty of International Studies)
This paper overviews how the student evaluation system in each German federal state has changed as secondary school system has been reformed after the so-called “PISA-Shock”in Germany. As a result of the reforms, secondary schools are gradually transforming from a three to a two-branched system, while international experts recommend Germany to adopt a single-track system to reduce the achievement gap between students. Because of rules ensuring independence in matters of education and culture in Germany, each state designs its own secondary schools beside/including Gymnasium (grammar school). On the other hand, the system for evaluating students maintains three different qualifications, while the system for selecting and tracking students is gradually being divided into six procedures, students can change their career tracking more flexibly.

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