Journal Article 中日両国語における「性向語彙」についての対照研究 : 「働き者」を中心に
A Comparative Study of “Gender-based Phrases” in Chinese and Japanese : With “Capable People” as the Focus

施,暉  ,  欒,竹民

21pp.103 - 116 , 2015-11-30 , 広島市立大学国際学部
This study finds that the extent of the vocabulary, variety, and production of gender-based phrases in Chinese exceeds that in Japanese. In a case study of the phrase “capable people”, a phrase with positive connotations, there is evidence to show that it is also associated with a considerable number of negative evaluative phrases in both Chinese and Japanese, especially in Japanese. This reflects a change from positive to negative, conforming to the principle of diminishing slant. Negative evaluations constitute a major feature of gender-based phrases, highlighting the negation principle lying at the deep level of Chinese and Japanese cultures.

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