Journal Article わが国における「教師教育の高度化」 : アメリカからの示唆
Promoting Higher-Quality Teacher Education in Japan : Implications from a Case in the United States


21pp.75 - 84 , 2015-11-30 , 広島市立大学国際学部
Good teaching lies at the heart of all education reforms. A growing body of studies shows that students learn more from highly-qualified teachers.13;In Japan, the Central Council for Education issued A Report on Comprehensive Measures for Improving Teachers’Abilities throughout Their Teaching Life in 2012. The Report recommends the following points: (1) encouraging teacher education at the master's degree level; (2) reforming the licensing system; and (3) ensuring the quality of teacher education courses.13;Through analysis of the report, this paper explores some problems and prospects in promoting higher-quality teacher education in Japan from the viewpoint of teacher training and teacher certification. Then it refers to higherquality teacher education in the United States of America and offers some suggestions. Because the United States started promoting higher-quality teacher education in the mid-1980’s, it is a forerunner concerning advanced teacher education.

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