Research Paper 非営利 vs. 営利介護事業者の経営志向 : 経営実態と規模規定要因の分析から


pp.0 - 33 , 2015-04-13 , 広島市立大学国際学部
With the emergence of a quasi-market for long-term care services (LTCS) for the elderly, various non-profit and for-profit providers have started to offer such services. New providers have become particularly prevalent in home visit care services: in 2012, for-profit companies comprised 63% of home care services providers. Nonprofit providers including social welfare corporations, councils for social welfare, medical corporations and non-profit organizations also compete in the market. Because their missions and goals are not the same, it may be that non-profit and for-profit providers in the LTCS market differ in behavior and performance. However, few studies have explored the actual conditions of this quasi-market. Thus, based on the data published by the care service information system, this study examines differences in performance between providers according to business scale and contents, staff, and user characteristics. The primary aims of this study are 1) to examine the possibility of cream skimming and 2) to examine the relation between business size and cream skimming-oriented behaviors considering the convenience and quality of service providers. The results partially indicate that for-profit providers are more cream skimming-oriented than nonprofit providers.
広島市立大学国際学部ワーキング・ペーパー・シリーズ(経済・経営) no.17

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