Departmental Bulletin Paper 楽器演奏介入が高齢者の認知機能に与える効果について
The effects of learning to play musical instruments on elder people’s cognitive functions

和田,玲子  ,  久永,聡子  ,  郭,霞  ,  木村,博子  ,  鈴木,麻希  ,  川越,敏和  ,  積山,薫

7pp.51 - 60 , 2017-03-10 , 広島文化学園大学学芸学部
Playing musical instrument has been suggested as one of the hobbies which can reduce risk of dementia. This study examined effects of three months training of playing the keyboard harmonica on older adults’ cognitive functions. Fifty elders who were 65 to 84 years old participated in this study. They were randomly assigned into either in control group or in experimental group. The experimental group had keyboard harmonica lessons for three months. Cognitive tests including a few tests of executive function, a language memory test, general cognitive function test, motor function tests, a questionnaire of emotional characteristics were measured before the lesson period, right after the lesson period, and three month from the end of the lessons. Nineteen participants in the experimental group and 18 participants in the control group were statistically compared. The results showed that playing and practicing the keyboard harmonica for three months with learning to read music scores helps to improve language memory of elders although it did not effect on their executive function nor emotional functions.

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