Departmental Bulletin Paper いじめ自殺を回避する教育プログラムと教育方法 : テレビドラマの教材化から
An Educational Program and Educational Method for Preventing "Ijime-Suicide" : From Materializing TV Drama

時津,啓  ,  中村,暢

7pp.11 - 26 , 2017-03-10 , 広島文化学園大学学芸学部
 The purpose of this paper is to explore an educational program and educational method for preventing "ijime suicide". From Constructivism and Cultural Studies, this paper explores adevelopment of the educational program that included a point of view of "renewal of the experience" and "language acquirement". And, we carried out a class of the moral education in an elementaryschool. We obtained the following results: Children considered the issue of "ijime" as a personal problem at first. In consideration of it, we developed the educational program by materializing TV drama.The children argued about a cause of "ijime" using the concept "atmosphere". After having taken a class, children changed to recognize the issue of "ijime" with the problem of a group/ class. This paper clarified that "renewal of the experience" occurred by changing language life. Through linguistic education, children have a possibility to struggle against "a dominant story" provided bythe mass media as well as build different stories. We concluded it. The meaning to consider the issue of "ijime" as a linguistic problem showed that the language acquisition precede our experience.

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