Departmental Bulletin Paper 視覚障がい者用スクリーンリーダーのユーザビリティ評価について-GOMSモデルを用いた分析-


21pp.77 - 92 , 2016-12 , 広島文化学園大学社会情報学部
The present study addresses usability of screen readers that people with severely visual impairments use to access personal computers and the Internet.Although personal computers and the Internet have become necessary tools for daily life as a means for people with visual impairments to collect information and to communicate, in fact the users are dissatisfied with the screen readers and application software.For examples, the screen readers do not read out some files and items, and the way to use is too complicated for the users to understand.Evaluation, therefore, was carried out in terms of operation time, operation efficiency, and cognitive load using the GOMS model. Five scenarios were selected to evaluate when using the Windows.Analysis tables by NGOMSL model were completed on respective scenarios. The results indicated that it took more number of statement and execution statement, and more execution time to complete tasks when using screen readers than when using mice.The implication of the results and way of solving such problems were discussed.

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