Departmental Bulletin Paper 仕事への情熱とバーンアウト傾向の関係―報酬との交互作用に着目して―

井川,純一  ,  中西,大輔  ,  浦,光博  ,  坂田,桐子

20pp.29 - 42 , 2015-12 , 広島文化学園大学社会情報学部
Burnout has a positive image as being “the result of enthusiastic engagement,” and in this research, we examined interaction between past enthusiasm for job and reward in order to investigate whether this premise is actually true. We initially produced, in the preliminary research, a subjective reward scale for human service profession (SRS-HS), and we examined, in the main research, the effects of the peak score of enthusiasm for a job and the SRS-HS score on the current burnout tendency of occupational therapists and social workers. We divided the participants into high / low level of enthusiasm and burnout score. As a result of qui square analysis and residual analysis, there were significantly high frequency of low enthusiasm and high burnout. This is different from the original burnout concept. On the other hand, as a result of multi tabulation, this pattern was typical to the low SRS-HS participants. These results indicated that the presupposition of the burnout concepts that burnout result from hard working is satisfied in a limited way.

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