Departmental Bulletin Paper 音戸ちりめんを使った若者向け新メニューの開発
Development of New Menus Using “Ondochirimen” for Young People

前田,ひろみ  ,  梶山,曜子

48pp.11 - 17 , 2015-12-28 , 広島文化学園短期大学
 We studied that young people developed by themselves the new menu using “Ondochirimen” for the purpose of maintaining a brand value of “Ondochirimen”. As a result, the following suggestion was provided.  At first, as for the existing menu using “Ondochirimen”, most were staple food. It was suggested that it was difficult to go out of the frames of the conventional direction for using “Ondochirimen”.  Then, 40% of new menus developed by young people were pasta. We recognized that young people preferred fatty menus.  In addition, it was suggested that the young people’s awareness of “Ondochirimen” increased by literature survey and menu analysis and development for the “Ondochirimen” and the local training by themselves.

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