Departmental Bulletin Paper 学童期の食体験,食関連対処スキルおよび望ましい食習慣の尺度の検討
Scales for Experience of Eating During in Childhood, Eating-related Coping Skills, and Desirable Dietary Habits

江坂,美佐子  ,  田中,宏二

48pp.19 - 24 , 2015-12-28 , 広島文化学園短期大学
 We conducted a survey on a total of 261 first- and second-year university and junior college students (92 men, 169 women), and created scales for experience of eating during in childhood, eating-related coping skills, and desirable dietary habits. The scale for experience of eating during in childhood comprised nine items and two factors (experience of enjoying eating at home and connection to dietary education at school). The scale for eating-related coping skills comprised seven items and one factor. The scale for desirable dietary habits comprised nine items and three factors (regular meals, nutritionally balanced meals, and healthy eating habits). Internal consistency was confirmed for all scales. In addition, investigation of criterion-related validity using quality of life related to eating revealed relationships to each scale.

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