Departmental Bulletin Paper マスメディアによる教育問題の構築 : 「いじめ自殺」という議題設定をめぐって
A Construction of Educational Problem in Mass Media : Focusing on Agenda-Setting of “Ijime-Suicide”


6pp.9 - 19 , 2016-03-11 , 広島文化学園大学学芸学部
 This paper aims at clarifying a construction of educational problem in mass media through analyzing discourse of “ijime suicide”. This study analyzes the articles of Yomiuri, Asahi, and Mainichi newspaper carried in October 2006.  We explored three cases of children suicides occurred in Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Gifu, and found that mass media create a problem intentionally, and they suppress this problem by themselves. News consists of five factors (When, Who, Where, What, Why and How). Because a reporter has no idea why the accidents happen in most cases, he is especially searching for “Why”. We show the ability to construct the principle of mass media by culture and institution in the mass media organization.  The findings of this study suggest that culture and institution in the mass media affect an articulation of the discourse. This may have important implication for the methodological standard of social constructionism in demonstrating how culture and institution in mass media are involving with the process of setting educational problem.  Consequently, this paper suggests that it is indispensable for mass media to shift from the hostile, sensational and monotonous reports to the verifiably, careful and diverse reports.

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