Departmental Bulletin Paper 合唱作品における言葉と音楽の関係 : 三善晃の作品を通して
On the Relationship between Music and Words of the Chorus Works : Through the Akira Miyoshi’s works


6pp.29 - 38 , 2016-03-11 , 広島文化学園大学学芸学部
 Various factors are seen in the expanse of creation and the performance of the current chorus musical work. It is holding of NHK and other various contests.  Contest start original about 1960 had many short pieces such as foreign music, (Mozart, Schubert, Brahms), but when the 1970s begins, the situation changes completely and there are many works which a Japanese composed and comes to be sung. Particularly, Saburo Takada, Yoshinao Nakata, Akira Yuyama, the work of Akira Miyoshi and others were taken up willingly. In addition, a work of Teruaki Suzuki equal to the pupil of TokuhideNiimi, Makiko Kinoshita, Midori Takashima and Akira Miyoshi becomes the record-breaking boom afterwards when it is the 1980s. Unbroken descent from “chorus music” creation to continue without a break at the present is formed, and the genealogy of such a composer will bring about the work group which is still enjoyed singing today. Hideki Chihara, Ko Matsushita, Takatomi Nobunaga composers such as the Takashi Nobunaga wealth appear now. Since there is acceptance in the society including a work rooting in the climate again in the time, it will be that the work is born in various form in future. I have a big influence on development of the chorus music and consider a work of Akira Miyoshi who continued contributing through poetry.

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