Departmental Bulletin Paper 農業交流拠点施設における効果的VMDについて
Effective VMD at Agricultural Networking Cente


48pp.1 - 9 , 2015-12-28 , 広島文化学園短期大学
 This concept of the agricultural networking center is to promote networking among farm producers and consumers of Miyoshi-city and create human and commercial resources to help develop the city. Therefore, the goal of the visual merchandising design (VMD) for this center is to satisfy the concept while keeping consistency with the architectural impression of the center structure. To achieve this goal, the space in the agricultural networking center is designed to “allow smooth movement of a large number of people and promote networking among them”. The center’s display equipment is designed to improve presentation of articles for sale and is adapted for flexible use. As efforts for ensuring a customer-friendly VMD, point-of-purchase (POP) displays are produced carefully according to rules, which are gotten across through seminars and the like, and the sales floor is specifically allocated for specific articles for sale. In this manner, a system to promote communication involving people, objects, and events is provided.Thanks to cooperation from different parties, the center has been open since late March in 2015 and received more than 200,000 visitors so far. The agricultural networking center is now gathering attention as a new tourist spot in Miyoshi-city. Besides, new products have been developed by farm producers who have met at the agricultural networking center and collaborated with one another and are now on sale. Other new products have also been developed and launched into the market in response to voices of the visitors. The agricultural networking center is now functioning literally as a networking center. Hopefully, I will continue to work with the agricultural networking center in the coming year and supervise on maintenance and improvement of the VMD of the center.

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