Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児期における料理本のキャラクター弁当についての栄養評価に関する研究
A Study on Nutrition Evaluation of Character Bento Lunchboxes Prepared Using Published Recipes Addressed to Preschool Childhood

村田,美穂子  ,  前,里美

48pp.25 - 32 , 2015-12-28 , 広島文化学園短期大学
 Six character bentos (lunchboxes) prepared using published recipes addressed to preschool childhood (preschoolers from three to five years old) were evaluated from the aspects of nutrition and food presentation.  The protein and fat contained in each of the character bentos exceeded corresponding recommended intake amounts. Main dishes of the character bentos were mainly meat, which was prepared using two types of cookery methods, “grilling” and “frying”. A tendency was observed that one or more dishes, main and side dishes alike, in each of the bentos were prepared using a relatively large amount of oil.  Advantages of the character bentos included improved food presentation accomplished by elaborate preparation of each meal, including staple food, main dishes, and side dishes, and original creativity exerted by the person who made each of the character bentos. Even a hint of a season was given through certain characters. However, variation in layout of the character bentos made it difficult, in this study, to evaluate the bentos in the aspects of nutrition through presentation of the bentos. Besides, a prolonged time was consumed to prepare the character bentos, which required careful efforts. Also, such preparation needed sufficient care from a hygiene perspective.  In contrast, bentos prepared using the “3・1・2 Meal Box Magic” showed regular patterns in layout, which advantageously enabled nutrition evaluation simply by viewing the bentos. However, the bentos by the “3・1・2 Meal Box Magic” were uniform in terms of food presentation.  The above-described characteristics of the character bentos and those of the bento prepared using the “3・1・2 Meal Box Magic” should be understood and considered in preparation of home-made bentos.

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