Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Essay〉アジア体験的トイレ考―経済発展の結果、普及する水洗トイレ格差にともない広がり方は、まだら模様―

柴田, 直治

(2)  , pp.91 - 98 , 2017-11 , Faculty of International Studies, Kindai University
[Abstract]Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, once observed “Air conditioning was a most important invention for us”. He meant that air conditioners have relieved people from the heat and dampness of South and Southeast Asia. Cooler room temperatures permitted people there to work more diligently and effectively generating rapid regional economic development. Assuming the air conditioner was a major factor of Asian economic growth, one remarkable outcome has been the spread of flush toilets. However, the divergence in the number and sophistication of clean restrooms in the different countries of the region is symbolic of the economic wealth gap that exists among them. For more than four decades I have witnessed the evolution of Asian toilets. This article introduces my experiences and observations of the contribution of economic growth to comfortable lifestyles and overall rising living standards of Asia in the context of improved sanitation.

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