Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉「主婦」に見る「物質文化」への傾き

福家, 道信

(2)  , pp.69 - 83 , 2017-11 , Faculty of International Studies, Kindai University
[Abstract]Shen Congwen (1902-1988) left behind an outstanding legacy as a material culture researcher. His four books on the subject, "The Designs of Chinese Silk" (1957), "Bronze Mirrors of the Tang and Song Dynasties" (1958), and "Dragon and Phoenix Art" (1960), and "A Study of Ancient Chinese Costumes" (1981), have in common his strong interest in the field, an interest that began long before he started his literary career. Furthermore, even in his fiction, readers can often see signs of this fascination. In this thesis, we examine Shen’s short story, “Housewife,” in which the male protagonist displays an obsession with ceramics, and analyze the reasons for this obsession and the piece’s literary style. Previous research by Wu Lichang analyzes this story from a Freudian perspective. However, we will consider it from a broader viewpoint and examine how Shen Congwen’s deepening fixation with material culture became progressively apparent in his literary works.

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