Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉Using LEGO® Serious Play® to Foster Communication in Intercultural English Problem-Solving Discussions

Dunn, Robert  ,  Adamson, Calum  ,  Thorpe, Todd

(2)  , pp.41 - 54 , 2017-11 , Faculty of International Studies, Kindai University
[Abstract]Many people have fond memories of playing with LEGO® in their youth. Increasingly recognised as offering significant educational advantages to young children that go far beyond enjoyable play-time, LEGO® has been claimed to boost fine motor skill development (Haga, 2008); to teach three-dimensional thinking (Welch, 1998); to foster planning, problem solving, and organizational abilities (Shakir, 2006); to improve creativity; and to teach systematization through the following of instructions. Recently LEGO® introduced the LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) system, which is designed to enhance problem solving and communication skills, and to better facilitate the sharing of ideas within groups. This paper looks at the use of LSP at two international student conferences and shows how it can address some issues in collaborative, intercultural problem solving discussions.

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