Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Originals〉Dynamics of changes in scholastic achievement of students during the 6-year medical course at Kindai University Faculty of Medicine

Gotoh, Toshikazu  ,  Takechi, Kaoruko  ,  Oiso, Naoki  ,  Matsumura, Itaru  ,  Iki, Masayuki

[Abstract]There has been a belief that the scholastic achievement of students in their course work must have a close relationship with their previous performances in the entrance examination. How-ever, this hypothesis has been insufficiently examined based on a longitudinal study of school records of students at Kindai University Faculty of Medicine. This study was aimed to investigate the correlation between current datasets of the students’ entrance exam scores and the changes in their achievements throughout the curriculum. By calculating and evaluating correlation coefficients between variables, it was concluded that strong correlations existed between IRT standard scores on CBT in the 4th year and graduation ex-amination II (R=0.679) and also between the comprehensive test scores and graduation exam II (R=0.633), while the students’ initial performance in the entrance exams showed a very weak correlation with their course work.

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