Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Originals〉Histological change of cbronic ulcers following negative-pressure wound therapy

Hashimoto, Takahiro  ,  Yamauchi, Makoto  ,  Isogai, Noritaka  ,  Morotomi, Tadaaki  ,  Kusuhara, Hirohisa

[Abstract]We treated various ulcerative lesions associated with different causes of ulceration using negative-pressure wound therapy, and investigated the characteristics of the histological changes during the treatment period. The wound surface was then entirely sealed and maintained with a closed dressing material and managed by applying approximately 125 mmHg of continuous negative pressure to the wound surface. Tissue was collected from the central region of the ulcer floor and the collected specimen was macroscopically and histologically evaluated. Using this de-vice, the remission of edema, neutrophil infiltration, capillary blood vessel formation, and collagen fibers advancing in the vertical direction from the wound floor were observed regardless of the cause of ulceration. The results of histological examinations also confirmed that favorable granulation is achievable in chronic ulcers. Although this method necessitates the monitoring of the negative pressure load and infection level in the wound during device application, it is simple, less invasive, and effective.

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