Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Original Papers〉生徒指導における外部機関との連携-学校警察相互連絡制度-

渡部, 容子

[要旨]学校における生徒指導は、学校教育活動全体を通じて取り組むものである。学級担任のみならず、学校の教職員全体で共通認識を持ち、チームで取り組むことが常識となりつつある。さらに、学校が、家庭や地域と連携し、必要に応じて児童相談所や警察、教育相談所、NPOなど学校外部の機関のカを借りて問題を解決していくことの重要性の認識は浸透してきたといってよいであろう。本稿では、非行や暴力、深刻ないじめなどで近年連携が特に求められながらも、学校側からは連携先として躊躇や不安があるといわれる警察をとりあげ、連携のこれまでの経緯と現在のしくみをまず明らかにする。その際、文部省/文部科学省と警察庁の協議及び都道府県への通知文書から、(1)青少年の健全育成を目的とする一般的な情報交換や街頭活動などを目的とする「学校警察連絡協議会」と、(2)個別の問題について個大情報を含む情報交換を行う「学校警察相互連絡制度」の二つに整理し、しくみを追った。加えて、これまであまり紹介されることのなかった県、市町村レベルのそれらの取組を記し、学校と警察という異なった性質を持つ組織の相互理解をふまえた連携の方向性に言及した。[Abstract]School's student guidance needs to be tackled throughout the whole school education activities including subjects, outside-subjects and extracurricular activities. It becomes common to share same understanding and put together a team in the school's entire faculty and staff (the principal, deputy principal, student guiding counselor, nursing teacher, nutrition teacher, school counselor, school social worker, etc.), not only the class homeroom teacher. Also, it is getting common that the school will collaborate with families and communities and, if necessary) ask helps from institutions outside the school (e.g. child guidance center, family court, police, child welfare facility} public private education counselor, NPO etc.) to solving the problems. In this article, I'll discuss the history of cooperation and the current mechanism with respect to the police which is on the one hand the police are especially required recently in delinquency violence, serious bullying, but the other hand, schools are hesitant and concerned about cooperation with the police. In the discussion, based on the consultation between the Ministry of Education / the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the National Police Agency and notification to prefectures, I divided into two mechanisms: "School Police Liaison Committee" which purpose is general information exchanges and street activities for the purpose of healthy young people; and "School Police Intercommunication System" exchanging information including personal information about individual problems and to pursue the mechanism. Further, I discussed the efforts of the prefecture and municipal level, which have been rarely introduced so far, and to the direction of cooperation based on the mutual understanding of the different organization such as school and the police.

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