Departmental Bulletin Paper コミュニティアートを活用したまちづくりに関する研究-アート亀山を事例として 第2報-

青木, 繁  ,  小家, 政之

It can say that the Kameyama-shi core city ground (Nishimachi residential area and Higashimachi mall) becoming the held place of art Kameyama is the place that is most suitable for a place holding community art project. Most of store managers of Higashimachi mall becoming the meeting place art Kameyama start of 2008 evaluate that I got the new interchange with an artist, a guest, stores, area inhabitants by holding of art Kameyama. It may be said that the town of the former city area contributes to social activation such as the interchange with a person and the person in making it greatly in art Kameyama that is community art project. How you connect this with economical activation is a future problem.

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