Departmental Bulletin Paper ハーベスティングノードにおけるRDAルーティング

吉川, 隆  ,  中村, 一穂

Sensor Network Node (The small wireless information terminal) for HEMS (Home Energy Management System) averagely consumes lower power less than 100[μW]. Then we have tried to consider to use the energy harvesting applying to the power supplier of the sensor network node. Many kinds of energy harvesting method has been evaluated . For example illumination energy of the room light, the difference of the temperature between human body and room and vibration energy caused by human step on the floor, magnetic flux leakage from the fluorescent lamp, micro hydraulic power generation from the water pipe, weak wind power generation through the ventilation fan was experimented. As the result we have concluded the energy harvesting is enough to use for the power supplier of the senor network end node. In this paper, we have tried to introduce routing node which is worked by the harvesting energy. That routing node is used for data hopping node between the cluster networks. At first we have defined the fundamental data transmitting protocol and calculated the energy consumption for routing node and shown the ability of the routing node with energy harvesting. Moreover, we have devised the RDA (Rotated Data Acquisition) protocol that is reducing power consumption and calculated the energy consumption. As the result we can estimated to reduce the 40% energy consumption referring to fundamental one.

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