Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉The Effects of Timed and Repeated Reading on Reading Fluency and TOEIC Scores

シモノ, トーリン

This is a quasi-experimental study of the effects of timed and repeated reading on reading fluency and TOEIC scores over one academic year. The participants( N = 38) were divided into two groups. The treatment group, which composed of first-year students, did timed reading and repeated reading twice a week for 20 weeks. The control group consisted of third-year advanced level students in the normal curriculum. The findings indicated that (a) the combination of timed and repeated reading effectively improved reading rate while comprehension levels remained high; (b) the treatment group outperformed the control group in terms of reading rate by the end of the treatment period; and (c) reading rate can be a useful predictor of both reading and listening TOEIC scores. Thus, timed and repeated readings are of great benefit to second language( L2) learners.
著者専攻: 応用言語学

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