Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉The Influence of Student and Course Characteristics on Student Evaluation of Teaching: A Meta-analytic Study

森, 節子

Despite the extensive use of student evaluation of teaching(SET) and the weight attached to them in important decision-making, the validity of SET has not fully been investigated in Japan. It has been pointed out that some student characteristics such as their perception of grading leniency and course characteristics such as class size may influence the validity of students’ ratings of the instructor and course. Thus, the current study conducted a meta-analysis of studies investigating the relationship between SET and a number of student and course characteristics in order to determine whether any biases can be detected in the completion of SET ratings and to estimate the magnitude of its effect. The student characteristics examined in the current study include students’ attendance rates, perceived effort, expected grade, grading leniency, and pre-course motivation whereas the course characteristics investigated include class size, class difficulty and workload. This meta-analysis included 24 studies with 24 unique effect sizes and a total of 11,624 participants. The results suggest that only 1.2% of the variance in SET can be explained by the student and course characteristics explored in the study. Of the eight aspects of student and course characteristics examined, students’attendance rates had the largest impact on SET ratings followed by pre-course motivation and class workload.
著者専攻: 英語教育学

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