Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉既製ドラム缶を利用した地中熱自然冷房システムにおける雨水タンクの持続性の実験研究

市川, 尚紀  ,  崔, 軍

We experimented about the sustainability of rainwater tank using natural cooling system by underground heat with ready-made drums in a wooden experimental house. Before the experiment, we enlarged the experimental space bigger than before. Then we considered the sustainability of rainwater tank. The result is as follows. First, the room temperature maintained from 24 to 30.5 degrees for five days and a half day. Then the range of PMV score was -2.0 to +1.5. Next, the rainwater of a tank was used till it rose to 25 degrees, then cooled to the first temperature in about 3.5 days by underground heat. In addition, we can use a rainwater tank during about 1.5 days when the temperature is over 30 degrees. Therefore, we can cool 18 pieces of tatami space if there are four rainwater tanks.

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