Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉膝関節リハビリ機器の制御系設計

田上, 将治  ,  佐藤, 普三  ,  長谷川, 正哉

In the rehabilitation of knee joints, the knee joint is required to bend with medical devices or the patient's muscle for recovery of the joint range of motion and the muscle. Continuous passive motion device (CPM) has been widely used for the recovery of the range of motion. However, this doesn't help muscles recover. Because the patients do not need to bend their knees by themselves. Adding the active training mode that trains a muscle of the patients would improve this point. This training mode was realized by applying compliance control. The control system consist of the position controller and the load model which govern the load characteristics. The load model determines the target position for the position controller. This paper shows that the detail of the control design and the effectiveness of the proposed CPM device having the muscle training mode.

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