Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉プロパンガス噴流の流動と濃度計測

南, 拓海  ,  田端, 道彦

Experiments were conducted using propane for the characteristics of the gaseous jet in the direct injection gasoline engine and the experiment using the propane. The concentration distribution of the propane jet when injected from the gas injector into the pressure vessel of the high pressure field is measured by the laser induced fluorescence method. The flow state was measured using the particle image correlation method. Therefore, numerous vortex structures were observed at the boundary of the gaseous jet. Furthermore, when the ambient pressure was increased, the number of vortices increased and the size of the vortex became finer. Also, since the fluorescence intensity decreases along the downstream side of the jet, a vortex structure that takes in the ambient air is observed.

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