Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉励起蛍光マトリクスを用いた玄米の非破壊品質評価の検討

高津, 地志  ,  中田, 健太  ,  藤田, 明子  ,  渡邉, 義之  ,  野村, 正人

Excitation-emission matrices of powdery and granular brown rice, whose cultivars were Koshihikari, Hitomebore and Kirara397, were measured by a fluoroluminescence spectrometer and the relativities between the matrices and the fatty acid value, the peroxide value, the freshness degree of brown rice or the storage period were analyzed based on a partial least squares regression to verify the availability of non-destructive evaluation for rice quality. High correlations were obtained between measured and predicted values on the fatty acid value of granular rice and the storage period, suggesting the effectiveness of the present procedure on non-destructive evaluation and the contribution of lipid degradation in rice grain during storage period to deterioration in the quality.

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