Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉幼児表象画に学ぶ、講義「人物画演習」の導入法と描法

塙, 和道  ,  竹永, 亜矢

"Practical portrait drawing/painting" is a unit in the Arts and Crafts Class (Basic Art) module in Infant Education, in which the authors have been involved for the last 20 years. The students of the unit, who have grown up in a digital information society as of 2016, have a tendency to symbolize and represent images through virtual image searches without actual observation, and there are those who draw the subject as an illustration, or those who simply refuse to do so, saying they are not good at portrait drawing/painting. The study discusses the importance of learning from young children's representational pictures, focusing on the characteristics of such pictures, the differences between representational pictures and drawings/paintings, experiences of freedom of pictorial rendering and its fun, equality between self and others as well as the varying speeds of development, along with the techniques of observational drawing/painting of real persons.
[注記]著者専攻(塙): 図画工作 造形表現(指導法), 著者専攻(竹永): 図画工作 造形表現(指導法)

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