Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉短期大学生による話し言葉と書き言葉の認識と実態について

皆川, 晶

Students of nursery department practice at the nursery school or the kindergarten, aiming to become teachers of them. Every time when students go practicing there, they are pointed out their mistakes in the daybook that they could not distinguish between writing and speaking language. Knowing that they can not acquire the abilties of them, I am discouraged by the fact though they are learning them. This time before teaching l researched the actual situation in order to observe how they are conscious of writing and speaking ones. Moreover, on the distinction between writing and speaking language, I want to know what relation is there concerning their habitual reading and newspaper reading. And l would like to make use of teaching in my class.
[注記]著者専攻: 国語表現法 日本語コミュニケーション

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