Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈資料〉淡水魚を対象とした野外調査票-近大方式の提案 -

細谷, 和海  ,  羽多, 宏彰  ,  池ヶ谷, 健吾  ,  藤本, 和也  ,  山口, 翔吾  ,  上尾, 周平  ,  森宗, 智彦

[Synopsis] Check sheets for the research work on freshwater fishes are provided, aiming for private or small-scale official uses to make field survey more convenient than field note and to record the current status of the environments in Japanese waters. The sheets have been revised for several times by post-or under -graduates from the laboratory of Aquatic Ecology, Kindai University, and arranged in accordance with different habitat types: rivers, paddy fields, irrigation ponds, and lagoons or embayments so-called “Wando”. Topology of “Wando” is tentatively proposed by two major types, single I and serial II. Continuous using these sheets will contribute to monitoring the changes of aquatic environments in terms of conservation and to environmental education.

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