Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈ノート〉奈良県御所市で採集されたコクチバス

森下, 來美  ,  羽多, 宏彰  ,  高柗, 真也  ,  小西, 雅樹  ,  細谷, 和海

[Synopsis] An unfamiliar bass, 21.8 cm SL was collected by lure fishing from a pond, Gose City, 2016.The bass was identified as Smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieu dolmieu Lacépède, 1802, by having radial stripes directing posteriorly on post-ocular portion, a small gape, and connection between spinous and soft rayed portions in dorsal fin.Generally, the bass becomes an invasive alien fish in the eastern Japanese waters, while its catchment this time, is the first official record from Nara Prefecture and the first from the Yamato river system as well.

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