Departmental Bulletin Paper 歌を使った日本語文法教育(9) ―「て形の歌」について―

溝口, 博幸

"Te-form" is taught from the first stage of the beginner's course. Instances are in directions of classroom activities such as "Mite kudasai (Please look).", "Kaite kudasai (Please write).", "Yonde kudasai (Please read).", and "Itte kudasai (Please say)." These are polite requests using "Te-form". Upon requests from several users of this program, a new version of the original "Te-form Song" was created to deal with verbs. Verb Group I is treated in Verse 1, Group II and Group III verbs are dealt with in Verse 2. "Te-form Song" is also effective as an affective strategy and a memory strategy, supported by Oxford (1990). "Te-form" is also used in expressions of continuing, trying something, and transferring benefits. Through various activities and quizzes, learners can learn to understand the structure between verb stems and suffixes and how to make "Te-form".

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