Departmental Bulletin Paper 5年間の研究を振り返って その1(2011-2015)

吉川, 隆

Five years have passed by after I come to Kindai University Technical College. At the beginning of my academic position, I have one objective that I am sure to have presentations more than 10 times in a year. I named that “Ecpression10”. It is fortunately that objective is continued achievement. I have two themes of my study one is energy harvesting and the other is wireless power transmission, both are most important fundamental technologies for energy harvesting HEMS (Home Energy Management System). The sensor network technology is used on behalf of conventional wired system on energy harvesting HEMS. In my proposing system, sensor network nodes have to continue to work with only energy harvesting or wireless power transmission on behalf of battery or power supplying cable. In recent five years I have examined the validity of Energy harvesting and wireless power transmission applying for HEMS. Now I can arrive at the first goal that is satisfying the first stage HEMS contributing for monitoring energy consumption and controlling consumer electronics for every few minutes.

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