Departmental Bulletin Paper ボランティアグループGood Jobの活動報告

仲森, 昌也  ,  本田, 康子

We established the volunteer group in 2001. The volunteer group was named ‘Good Job’ (GJ). The GJ's volunteer programs support activities by students who wish to cooperate in the promotion of local communities. There are various types of volunteer activities in general. The GJ’s activities can be divided into about three types as shown below. The three types are a social welfare volunteer, a scientific volunteer and an event volunteer for regional revitalization. The activities were carried out in Kumano in 2001-2010. Because our school was moved to Nabari in April 2011, the activities were carried out in Nabari in 2011-2015. This paper is reported that the GJ have been acted in the case of the volunteer in Kumano City and Nabari City. As these results, the GJ's members are able to improve communication skills and the valuable experience to help local residents and society. Moreover, the activities will be able to support the local residents and society. Such the GJ's activities will enable the school and the local community as well as GJ’s members to gain profit (Win-Win-Win).

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