Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈調査〉近畿大学奈良キャンパス周辺における淡水産貝類相

瀬尾, 友樹  ,  Jean, Tanangonan

〈Synopsis〉A total of 17 species from 12 families of mollusks, comprising of 12 gastropod species from 9 families and 5 bivalve species from 3 families were found around the Nara Campus of Kinki University. These include 5 species which are invasive or are most-probably-invasive species. Several of these invasive species have established a wide distribution range which could adversely affect the endemic species. For example, the habitat of Corbicula leana in the Tomio River system has been greatly restricted due to the invasion and cross-breeding with Corbicula fluminea. Urgent measures are needed to stop further dispersal of the Corbicula fluminea. Six species identified which are in the Red Data Book of the Ministry of the Environment, include species which are rarely found all over Japan. The maintenance of a well-managed natural paddy field environment without concrete could be an important factor for the conservation of freshwater mollusks.

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