Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著〉搾出法を用いたタナゴ類7種の人工繁殖

北川, 哲郎

〈Synopsis〉In captive environment, reproductive characteristics of seven bitterlings (Tanakia lanceolata, T. limbata, Acheilognathus rhombeus, A. cyanostigma, A. melanogaster, A. tabira jordani, and A. t. tabira) were estimated by the breeding experiments with Schale's method. Major interspecific difference were confirmed on the spawning pattern and survival rates to emergence from hatching. Some different initial growth patterns were observed in some closely-related Acheilognathus spawning in spring. Such abnormalities as deformation of yolk sac or vertebrae were observed. The achievements would be contributed to ex situ preservation as well as in situ conservation and even taxonomical studies.

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