Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉SLM造形過程におけるレーザ照射部近傍の粉体層溶融凝固を考慮した過渡伝熱数値解析

池庄司, 敏孝  ,  京極, 秀樹  ,  米原, 牧子  ,  荒木, 正浩  ,  中村, 和也

The selective laser melting(SLM) is a kind of additive manufacturing processes, which melts the thin powder layer selectively and forms 3D object by compiling many layers. To obtain the proper laser melting conditions for SLM process, the prediction of thermal field around the scanning laser spot is necessary. In this paper, a finite element method of transient heat conduction analysis is proposed to predict the thermal field. It is based on the energy conservation equation for enthalpy of bulk metal, powder metal and once-melt-and-solidified powder metal. The method includes the phenomena of melting and solidification of powder metal. The numerical simulation using this method is applied for Ni-based refractory alloy, Inconel-718, and the results of the simulation is presented with temperature contours and dimensions of melt pool.

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