Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉噴霧特性と噴孔内部流動に及ぼす燃料性状の影響

高橋, 貴洸  ,  大垣, 優太  ,  田端, 道彦

In order to visualize the actual flow inside a diesel injection nozzle at high-pressure injection, a model nozzle which has nozzle hole diameter with real size was made of sapphire. Using the transparent nozzle and three kinds of fuel, the effects of the fuel properties on the internal flow in the nozzle hole were investigated. The spray characteristics were observed by high-speed shadowgraph photography under realistic conditions. As the result, the fuel which 90% distillation temperature and kinematic viscosity are low, amount of cavitation generation is increased. Therefore, the spray atomization and evaporation are promoted.

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