Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈報告〉「塑造からブロンズ鋳造によるモニュメント彫刻制作」~八代白百合学園100周年記念事業モニュメント作品制作から完成報告~

竹永, 亜矢

Commissioned by Yatsushiro Shirayuri Gakuen for its centenary memorial monument, a bronze sculpture was created through a process of original molding and environmental design for outdoor installation, which was ultimately completed in December 2014 and installed in the precinct of Yatsushiro Shirayuri Gakuen High School in Kumamoto Prefecture. The study reports the creation processes including the monument’s conceptualization that focuses on the installation space and its symbolism, physical work from original molding to bronze casting, environmental design for installation, and completion as an outdoor sculpture.
[注記]著者専攻: 図画工作 表現I

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