Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉保育者志望短期大学生のメンタルヘルスに関する探索的研究-UPI(学生精神健康調査)と自尊感情との関連及びUPIの継時的分析を通して-

橋本, 翼  ,  垂見, 直樹

The purpose of this study is to investigate the mental health condition of Junior college students in the Nursery School and Kindergarten Teacher course by doing a questionnaire survey. This survey named by the third time(Time 3), and the result was compared with the past results of UPI tested every six months from April, 2014. A questionnaire consisting of UPI short version, Self Esteem Scale and a question about personal concerns was given to students. At the Time 3, 140 students participated the survey and 131 students' results were analyzed. The results were as follows : ①,the first grade students got significantly lower scores of UPI short version in comparison with second year students, conversely they got significantly higher scores of Self Esteem Scale. ②,students who showed increasingly high scores of UPI short version correlated with getting lower scores of Self Esteem Scale. ③,about half of all students had concerns about and expressed the need for support by college faculty and staff. In doing this survey we found that the results of comparing past scores of UPI short version with scores at Time3 were not significant. In addition, we found that students who got high scores of UPI short version at the time of entering junior college should be supported by college faculty and staff for two years. As a result of this study, the authors suggest that a support system of all students who need help should be put in place as soon as possible. Also, students' condition of mental health should continue to be evaluated in order to determine the need for such support by our college faculty and staff.
[注記]著者専攻(橋本): 教育相談 教育心理学, 著者専攻(垂水): 保育内容総論 言葉

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