Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉人と人を繋ぐ地域猫活動-地域福祉の基盤を耕す-

渡邊, 暁  ,  渡邊, 洋子

Although homeless cats have being eliminated as annoying animal, the community cat activity regards the homeless cats as a community resource for regional revitalization. The community including annoying cats is much more comfortable to live as a relaxing and gentle community rather than the community excluding them. The one aspect of this activity is that cat problems replace problems of community residents. Regarding the problem of homeless cats, cats themselves are not the matter, because it is the matter of people connected with cats. In this sense, the community cat activity is connected with the development of the foundation of community welfare. In this paper, writers organize and verify the activity for park homeless cats, in that writers participated, that is approved of TNR (Trap Neuter Return) and the overview of the community cat activity which is received community designation of Fukuoka City.
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