Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉ネットワークカメラによる野鳥の餌台モニタリングの試み-幼児教育での烏相活用を目指して-

髙木, 義栄  ,  林, 幸治

As one of the methods to tell children that there are a variety of wild birds, we tried the bird table monitoring with a network camera. Although many birds mainly composed Feral Pigeon and Tree Sparrow were induced to the bird table, the identification of almost all species of birds which gathered was impossible due to low resolution of the network camera. However, the statements and the actions indicating that the kindergarteners were interested in the birds which gathered and the bird table were observed. It was shown that the time when many wild birds visit the bird table fell on the educational activity time of the kindergarteners, therefore it is able to expect the interest in wild birds of the kindergarteners increases by setting of the bird table earlier and by observing various species of wild birds with a network camera which has higher performance.
[注記]著者専攻(髙木): 環境 自然環境 生命科学, 著者専攻(林):自然環境

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